Antiguo Brondo Selfcheck-in Smart Rooms

The essence, refreshed

Antiguo Brondo Selfcheck-in Smart Rooms is a part of the city’s history. Opened in the 1940s in a majestic building in the centre of Palma, it was one of the first hotels promoted in the city. It has maintained its original character and identity to this day, although it has been fully renovated and modernised.

Antiguo Hostal Brondo


It is said that some of the first visitors to Palma stayed at this hotel in the early 20th century: a sailor, a dressmaker, a reporter, an architect and an artist. Antiguo Brondo Selfcheck-in Smart Rooms wanted to pay tribute to them by styling each room in their honour, giving each one its own unique personality.

Right in the heart of Palma de Mallorca

The location of our hotel could not be better, right in the old town, just a few steps from the cathedral and various other important cultural sites. All tourist attractions and the island’s charming coves, beaches and villages are within easy reach.